2020 Yana Ltd.


At Yana LTD, sustainability has always been a top priority. Therefore, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our corporate concept and is reflected in all activities.


Sustainability is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions. Reducing the negative impact on the nature is a must for Yana and we are focused at establishing sustainable and eco-friendly production.


We in Yana are deeply committed at conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Our Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on two dimensions – social and environmental.






Our concern is to provide a supportive workplace environment where career development and advancement is available to all.


A safe and hygienic work environment is provided for all employees. Adequate steps are taken to prevent accidents or injury occurring in the course of work. The factories provide adequate medical facilities, fire exits, safety equipment and training. Clean toilets with running water and clean drinking water are available throughout the working day.

In our view, Yana is an excellent place for a talented and motivated individual to work in.



   BSCI was launched in 2003 as an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). Its founding was established as a response to the increasing business demand for transparent and improved working conditions in the global supply chain.

During the open meeting management staff (Yana Ltd) has shown that was aware with the BSCI Code and demonstrated fully cooperation during the audit.


   B.1 The company follows the national labour law, has performed the risks evaluation and analysis, performed by independent auditing company, and regarding Bulgarian law has done H&S evaluation. (BG Law of Health and Safety at Workplaces)

   B.2 All permits are available. Working contracts, attendance lists, pay slips, payments to the social

insurance funds and wage lists.

   B.3 Working hours are not excessive (BG Labor Code Chapter 7, Art. 136a). The number of regular

working days per week in Bulgaria are 5 days. The number of regular working hours per week is 40 hours (35 hours for night shift). No discrepancies observed during the audit.

   B.4 All employees receive paid leave according to statutory regulations.

The company provides all statutory benefits: health insurance; retirement benefits; unemployment


   B.5 No Child Labour/ Young Employees. All employers of the company are at least 18 years of age.


   B.6  Employment is freely chosen - Bulgarian Labor Law, chapter 1 - Prohibited involuntary labour

ILO Conventions 29 and 105 (Forced and Bonded Labour).


   B.7 Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Bulgarian Labor Law Chapter 3,

and chapter 4 – collective bargaining. The workers have the right to joint workers union and syndicates.


   B.8 No discrimination, harassment and abuse practices detected in the company.


   B.9 The working conditions are good. The building is with acceptable temperature, noise level and

ventilation. Lighting conditions are adequate. Tests, in according to BG law, regarding the working

environment are performed by external companies.


   B.10 In all departments first-aid-kits are available. There is an appointed management representative responsible for H&S issues. (BG Health and Safety law “ chapter 27 Regulation 8 4 of 3.11.1998)


   B.11 Machine Safety instructions regarding the operation of machinery are available


   B.12  The company does not provide dormitories or any kind of overnight accommodation for theva



   B.13 The company arranges the waste management in a way that does not pollute the environment.

(BG LAW ON WASTE MANAGEMENT chapter 6 about classification of waste and waste management).



Human Rights

Respect for human rights and fair labor conditions for the people who work in the factory as well as environmental stewardship in our supply chain, are core principles of our business strategy.



Yana do not use child labor and all the employees are minimum 18                    years old. Child labor is strictly prohibited.

Yana fairly compensates its employees by providing wages and benefits that comply with the local and national laws. Workers have a contract of employment in Bulgarian language.

Employee working hours policy comply with the Bulgarian law.

No discrimination is tolerated on the basis of race, color, nation of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability.

Management development

To address the needs of our customers, we are continuing to make investments and develop strategies to provide timely production and delivery. Our investments in sophisticated systems should allow us to reduce the cycle time between the designs of products through production to the delivery of those products to our customers. We believe the enhancement of our supply chain efficiencies and working capital management will allow us to better control costs and provide improved service to our customers.




We in Yana are acting towards to prevent pollutions and minimize as much as possible the environmental impact of our business.


We achieve efficiency in environmentally friendly way. We acknowledge that we depend on the Earth’s limited natural resources for our lives and for our business. Energy efficiency is one of the most economical sources of new energy. Yana Ltd. implemented an energy saving systems in the production processes that leverage energy demand and results in decreased energy consumption of electricity and gas.


Also we are taking steps to reduce waste from our operations, so we can protect the earth’s natural resources and enhance the quality of lives around the globe.