2020 Yana Ltd.

Yana LTD produces fully-fashioned men’s, women’s and children’s knitwear. The production capacity of the factory is  approximately 2 million pcs per year.

The main advantages of the company are the state of the Shima Seiki machines, highly-skilled employees and the complete vertical integration – dyeing house for the cotton yarn and GMD – paying daily attention and control of each stage of the production and ensuring excellent and consistent quality.

We have a large experience dealing with international customers which helps us to understand your needs and add value in our business collaboration.


We produce garments for countries worldwide and our products are well-known all over the European market.

We offer you:

Precise knitting and large variety of gauges:

On Shima Seiki machines:

3 F (10 machines)

5 F (25 machines)

7 F (46machines)

12 F (78 machines)

14 F (82 machines)



Sustainability – Working with Organic and BCI cotton; Energy saving systems, including own steam production

Possibility to work with all kind of yarns

Short deliveries (35-45 days)

Competitive prices

Modern equipped departments for yarn cultivation, garment dyeing, washing and dry-cleaning

4th generation MHM Screen Printing machine (full color print) and 2ZSK embroidery machines (12 heads)